J-1 Visa Programs

J-1 Visa Programs

GES partners with several J-1 agencies/sponsors to provide the employer with qualified J-1 candidates. The available J-1 visa programs are Trainee/Intern (6, 8, 10, 12 and 18 months) and Summer Work & Travel.

J-1 Intern/Trainee and Work & Travel is a free service to U.S. employers. Our goal is to find exceptional staff for your business, and to help international students experience life in the United States. Employers are only responsible for staff compensation and must follow certain rules set forth by the U.S. Department of State.

Some of the benefits of J-1 Trainees/Interns and Summer W&T;

Affordability: There is no charge to employers and all services are free. Employers only pay J-1 trainees/interns their wages as per the terms of the offer.

Diversity: Foreign students coming to the US on J-1 visas have been found to be very sincere and hardworking. They are also well trained and highly professional. Employers will add international diversity to their organization.

Qualified Candidates: All J-1 candidates are prescreened. Most have a college education in hospitality as well as experience in the field. Employers can hire J-1 trainees/interns from all over the world; Europe, Australia, South/North Americas, Middle East and Asia. GES can arrange Skype interviews and/or employers can attend one of the scheduled job fairs abroad.

Tax savings: Employers can save almost 8% on payroll taxes with all J-1 Programs. J-1 trainees/interns are exempt from Medicare, Social Security and Federal Unemployment.

Flexibility: Employers can hire J-1 Intern/trainee candidates well before high season begins or hire throughout the year for long term training that lasts 12-18 months. Employers can engage in seasonal placements, which take place in early spring and early winter for the Work & Travel programs up to 4 months.

J-1 Interns/Trainees

Some employers find it difficult to recruit seasonal or year round employees. However, J-1 trainees/Interns are readily available under the J-1 program. GES can provide you the best available candidates with our trained staff that specializes in sourcing and prescreening. Employers can hire Trainees/Interns for up to 6, 8, 10, 12 and 18 months. J-1 visa is available for varies positions in F&B, Culinary, Front Office, Sales, Reservations, etc. Trainees/Interns can be hired year round as there is no time line or seasonality. The process takes approximately 5 weeks from the hired date. GES and the Sponsor Company handle all application processing.

J1 Work & Travel

J-1 W&T covers non skilled short term needs up to four months. Students are available from all around the world. Our international student visitors are English-speaking college or university students who want to learn about life in the U.S. by working and interacting with Americans for up to four months during their school break. We admit only the most skilled and motivated students into our program.

J-1 W&T students can work wide variety of industries including lodging, ski resorts, amusement parks, national parks, fast food restaurants, retail stores, landscaping and more.

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22 January 2015



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